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Man geolocating a product via RFID on his tablet.

Everything you need to know about RFID geolocation, a guarantee of safety and productivity

We live in a world marked by a constant quest for efficiency and traceability. What industrial production company has never dreamed of knowing,...
woman carrying out an inventory with an rfid scanner

RFID inventory: 5 key benefits

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is revolutionizing inventory management. Imagine being able to identify, locate and track your products in the blink of an eye, without...
Asset Tracking

Optimize Asset Tracking with IoT Technologies

Effective asset management has become essential for any business that wants to optimize resources and ensure profitability. The traceability of the production cycle.

What if you had the power to defeat counterfeiting?

The world of luxury has always been the object of covetousness and counterfeiting, due to the prestigious image it conveys and the feeling of belonging it provides...

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