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Track your samples in real time and digitalise your logbooks

The advantages of using our solution

With RFID technology, automate the tracking of your samples and ensure compliance with storage conditions while increasing your productivity.
  • Productivity: time saving in production and audits
  • Compliance: global traceability, verification of compliance with the cold chain and storage conditions
  • Reduced risk of error and loss
  • Real time: accurate information and overview
  • Automation: facilitates operations and information exchange

A digital sample tracking solution

SolSample is a digital sample tracking solution that uses RFID and barcode technologies. It can either be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into existing systems such as MES or LIMS.

SolSample has been designed and developed for the needs of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries, i.e. it meets their safety, regulatory and process requirements. 

Indeed, the low cost of RFID tags now makes sample tracking possible and opens up new horizons: mass reading (81 samples in 20 seconds), automation of transfers, checks (cold chain, storage conditions) and rapid inventories of locations. 

The solution consists of a mobile application for field operations and a back office for a general overview, so that information is available in real time: a real digital logbook. Alerts and reporting functionalities also allow you to better control the activity and to react quickly, in order to increase your productivity and to facilitate the work of your laboratory workers.

This simple and effective solution has been developed with the aim of being customisable for all industries while respecting their standards.

Technologies used

1D/2D barcodes
Technology, traceability and digital transformation

5 questions about RFID technology

RFID technology is what makes SolSample an efficient and innovative solution. RFID tags can be read at temperatures as low as -80° and have become commonplace in many fields, saving considerable time through mass reading.

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How can you automate sample tracking, reduce errors and provide real-time information in the pharmaceutical industry?


In 2019, two Swiss pharmaceutical and biotech companies contacted us to optimize and automate their sample tracking. Due to strict regulations in these industries, they hadn't started digitizing like other sectors and needed a change.

The Solid team rose to the challenge!

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How can IoT technologies (RFID, BLE, 1D/2D codes) be used to improve operational efficiency? We've put together a detailed E-Book with 9 case studies from 4 different sectors.