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Track your luxury items during your events

The advantages of using our solution


For the markets executives

  • Immediate location of luxury items
  • Limit the time customers wait on the booth

For the customer

  • Increased brand confidence
  • Limits waiting time on the booth

For the brand

  • Increased security
  • Reduced end-of-day inventory time
  • Improving the quality of the service

Don't worry about losing your luxury item during exhibitions

SolShow is a complete and efficient solution for the permanent location of luxury item at events. It allows you to track a luxury item individually from the moment it leaves the warehouse to the showrooms, while tracing its activity throughout the day.

Composed of a mobile application and a web portal, SolShow was designed and developed in collaboration with specialists in the luxury industry. Thanks to an ergonomic design oriented to the business, its handling by users is intuitive and fast. This solution will not only save time for your operational staff in the field while reducing the risk of a lost item, but will also allow them to concentrate on the essential part of their job, your customers.

Locate all your luxury items in an extremely simple way, follow them during your events, and drastically reduce the time needed for inventories, SolShow adapts to your environment and your needs.

Technologies used

1D/2D barcodes
Technology, traceability and digital transformation


This easy-to-use solution manages your fixed assets, their maintenance and depreciation, as well as the planning of technical interventions and regular inventories.

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Solid BFM Business

SolShow at BFM Business, watch our TV appearance

Solid BFM Business

Our News

Event-based coin tracking - RFID technology for luxury goods


In 2014, a Swiss watch manufacturer, who had already been a client for some time, contacted us regarding a need they wished to cover: the tracking of watches during trade fairs and events. We proposed them an efficient and totally innovative concept: the tracking of parts thanks to RFID technology. That's how we started in event tracking.

Solid chez BFM Business,
watch our TV appearance

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