Material Recognition

Fight against counterfeiting with material recognition

The main advantages of the technology


Non-invasive identification

  • Identify a product without having to mark it with a serial number and/or a label
  • Reduction of handling costs

Authentication of the microstructure

  • Verify the authenticity of a product on the basis of its microstructure
  • Applicable to all industries

Multifunctional optical inspection

  • Automatically detects invisible anomalies in a "real" product
  • Increased product safety related to transportation
Material recognition

What is "material recognition" technology?

It consists in fighting against counterfeiting. Using advanced computer vision and the concept of machine learning, this technology allows any camera to create a tamper-proof physical code based on the unique material structure of an object, without labels, chips, markers, special hardware or integrated manufacturing changes.

Undetectable to the naked eye, each product has its own fingerprint. By a simple photo taken on a production line or later, a multitude of points present on the product at the micro-structural level is listed and recorded to form the unique fingerprint of this product. The comparison and authentication of the product is then carried out by means of a smartphone. The developed algorithm combined with artificial intelligence allows to consider in its calculation tables the natural degradation of the product over the months and years.

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Use cases

Cosmetics / Automotive /
Luxury /
Spirits & drinks /
Identity documents

By uniquely identifying each product, it is now possible to ensure that you have an authentic and unaltered product in front of you with just one click.

Material recognition

To summarize


  • Contain the data
  • Transmit data via radio waves

Antennas & Readers 

  • Decode the tags
  • Transmit data to local systems

Infrastructure and local application

  • Stores tag data
  • Manages local events
  • Converts raw data into business vision
  • Possible interface between our RFID middleware and your ERP

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