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Take control of your assets!

Identify and track your assets with stock transfer, maintenance, inventory and clean-up capabilities.


Geolocalize your products in real time!

Integrated in your cabinets or shelves, intelligent trays equipped with NFC technology allow the individual identification of each of your products. 


Devote 100% of your time to your patients!

Automated analysis and management of your stock of medicines and medical services provided to patients.


Protect the unique identity of your products!

Create a digital passport for your products, fight counterfeiting, control and consolidate the sell-out of your shops worldwide.


Digital management of documents and physical archives!

Borrowing, consulting, returning and inventorying, keep track of the flow of your documents and never lose them again.


Check parking lots at a glance!

Allows you to optimise and automate the control of parking on the public highway in your municipalities and surroundings.


Secure your pieces during your events!

Locate your products in real time during events or in-store presentations. With SolShow, the pressure is off.


Your samples are in good hands!

Permanent, automatic and digital sample tracking and management using RFID technology.


The most complete design and printing software!

Create, design and print your product labels with this software that interfaces with any ERP system.

Download our free white paper!

How can IoT technologies (RFID, BLE, 1D/2D codes) be used to improve operational efficiency? We've put together a detailed E-Book with 9 case studies from 4 different sectors. 

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