Guarantee cards

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Does your company need cards?

Whether it's a warranty card, membership card or employee card, we can help you create your card: from the choice of media to the integration of technology and personalisation, we offer a wide range of options.

With or without NFC chips, in synthetic materials or paper for a more durable design, and with various specific finishes such as the addition of gold, neutralized fields or graphic effects, submit your visuals to us and we will advise you as best as possible to design your 100% customizable cards.

Since 2020, Solid offers to integrate dynamic encryption into your NFC chips. Initially used to prevent fraud in online orders, dynamic encryption can now also be integrated into warranty cards associated with luxury goods. As these are regularly counterfeited, this encryption provides total security for the company and prevents the warranty activation process from being falsified.

Guarantee cards offered by Solid

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