Passive RFID

Transform your business with passive RFID (UHF/HF/NFC)

The main advantages of the technology


Speed of reading

  • Remote and moving reading
  • RFID tag must not be visible to be read
  • Simultaneous and bulk data capture

Reduction of the risk of errors

  • Decrease in time spent on information capture
  • Data security on the chip

Adapted to your business

  • Optimization of inventory inventories
  • Automatic inventory check
  • Theft prevention
RFID technology

What is passive RFID technology?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identificationis a method of storing and retrieving data remotely, using radio waves. In other words, it detects objects or other items, static or moving, using electromagnetic fields, via a reader, antennae and RFID chips. The working frequencies of passive RFID are very similar to those of WiFi and Bluetooth. 

The RFID system is composed of two entities: a mobile or/and fixed antenna and a tag, usually represented as a label. It is also common to see it attached to warranty/banking cards or other solid and robust material to protect it from shocks. An RFID tag is composed of an electronic chip and an antenna, all placed on a substrate, which allows them to receive and respond to radio frequencies sent by the transmitter.

Tags are affixed on the element to be identified and can be read without being seen directly, unlike barcodes, which allows a mass reading and distance (from a few centimeters to several tens of meters depending on the size of the chip). 

RFID technology has proven itself in many environments and real-life use cases. At Solid, we work to advise and support our customers in the implementation of this technology within their organization. Rapid and visible results in terms of process simplification and automation of traceability flows are noted by management and operational staff.

Solid has evolved but has remained true to its values

"First and foremost, we are close to our customers. In order to maintain this special relationship, we attach great importance to flexibility, respect and customer satisfaction. To offer you the solution that best meets your needs is a key criterion for us. We analyse your requirements, think about the best possible implementation and support you during the implementation.

Team spirit is also one of our pillars. To support you throughout your projects, our different departments work hand in hand to provide you with advice, analysis and support. Our project managers, specialised in your various fields of activity, understand your business constraints and provide you with advice and technical knowledge. Our team of engineers develops software for various professional fields such as the luxury industry, health, transport, logistics and administrations. Our administrative department is at your disposal to inform you about all the financial and logistical details of your project and to answer your orders and questions.

We want to be the reference for identification and traceability in Switzerland and Europe. With 23 years of experience, our technical skills and expertise are well established. It is with professionalism and rigour that we respond to all new requests and projects. We support our clients nationally and internationally from our offices in Geneva.

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Use cases

Mobile inventory 

Warehouse >> 300m2 >> 3 minutes

Static inventory 

25 closed cabinets >> 5,000 vials >> Real-time geolocation by cm2

Reception of goods

a pallet of 10 boxes >> 50 products per box >> identification in 15 sec

RFID chip

To summarize


  • Contain the data
  • Transmit data via radio waves

Antennas & Readers 

  • Decode the tags
  • Transmit data to local systems

Infrastructure and local application

  • Stores tag data
  • Manages local events
  • Converts raw data into business vision
  • Possible interface between our RFID middleware and your ERP

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