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Take control of your assets

The advantages of using our solution


Managing your fixed assets

  • Centralized and reliable information available for the whole company
  • Life cycle of assets and equipment 
  • Full traceability

Inventory management

  • Facilitates operational work and information exchange within the company
  • Automated and simplified inventories
  • Time saving

Maintenance management

  • Optimised management of preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Maintenance reports

A facility management solution that simplifies your work

SolAsset is a digital solution that allows you to manage your company'sfixed assets (machinery, office furniture, works of art, IT equipment and other assets)in real time and in an optimal manner.Consisting of a mobile application and a web portal, SolAsset lists all the essential information about your assets in a centralised system.

Inventories, locations, movement history, maintenance and removals, this global traceability solution has been thought out and designed to facilitate operational work and information exchanges within the company. Modular and configurable, it can be adapted to any size of asset pool and handles all types of fixed assets in a totally secure environment. SolAsset, a Facility Management solution that is easy to use and meets the needs of operational staff in the field. Our solution helps companies to implement the SNR 462638 and REKOLE standards.

Because SolAsset adapts to your company's profile, you will immediately obtain relevant results that are compatible with your operating mode. Its intuitive use and its reporting system will quickly make it an indispensable management tool. Contact us to find out more and test our demo version.

Technologies used

1D/2D barcodes
Technology, traceability and digital transformation


Easy to use, this solution manages your fixed assets, their maintenance and depreciation, as well as the planning of technical interventions and regular inventories, whether by RFID or barcode.

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Optimize Asset Tracking with IoT Technologies


Efficient asset management has become essential for any company wishing to optimize its resources and guarantee profitability. Tracking the lifecycle of your assets is an important step in maximizing their utilization and reducing unnecessary costs. But how can we significantly improve this management? The answer lies in IoT technologies such as RFID and BLE, which have become essential tools for optimizing asset tracking.

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How can IoT technologies (RFID, BLE, 1D/2D codes) be used to improve operational efficiency? We've put together a detailed E-Book with 9 case studies from 4 different sectors. 

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