Optimize Asset Tracking with IoT Technologies

Effective asset management has become essential for any business that wants to optimize resources and ensure profitability. Traceability of the life cycle of your assets is a crucial step in maximizing their uses and reducing unnecessary costs. But how can we improve this management significantly? The answer lies in IoT technologies such as RFID and BLE, tools that have become essential for optimizing the tracking of your assets.
Iot asset tracking

What is asset tracking and why should you implement it?

This is a strategic approach to monitoring your resources throughout their lifecycle, geolocate in real time the location, status and performance of every asset, from highly specialized machinery to your IT assets. This complete visibility is the foundation on which informed decisions, precise planning and optimal resource allocation are built. In short, asset tracking guarantees dynamic, proactive asset management, essential to your company's agility and competitiveness in today's economy.

Which technology for an effective asset tracking system?

RFID (UHF, HF/NFC): The key technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology uses radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object. With variants such as UHF (Ultra High Frequency), or NFC (Near Field Communication), we can adapt the tracking range to suit the type of asset and the environment. RFID offers flexibility through extremely rapid equipment identification. With no need for direct contact or line-of-sight, you'll be able to read large volumes of objects in a matter of seconds.

The 1D/2D barcode: A simple and effective solution

Barcodes / QR codes are another form of identification technology. Although this technology is fully mature and no longer in question, it requires individual scanning and line-of-sight, which can increase inventory time and the risk of human error. If you don't want to do mass reading, but just identify the information or history of an asset, then the barcode / QR code will be more suitable.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy): Real-Time Localization Technology

A beacon is a small device measuring just a few square centimetres that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to emit radio signals at constant intervals over distances of up to several dozen meters. These signals, whose frequency is close to that used in RFID, transmit data that can be received by other Bluetooth-equipped devices. This technology makes it possible to locate objects with an accuracy of just a few square meters in confined spaces such as offices, hospitals or warehouses.

The combination of RFID, Bluetooth BLE and barcodes/QR codes is experiently, if not infinitely, expanding the horizons of asset traceability across all industrial sectors.

Key Benefits

Investing in a high-performance asset tracking software solution means choosing to place your business under the sign of innovation and efficiency. The advantages are numerous and significant:

  • Significant cost reduction

An asset tracking solution enables you to minimize loss and theft through real-time visibility of asset location. What's more, it helps you avoid redundant purchases by providing accurate data on existing stocks. It also enables you to proactively monitor stock levels and anticipate replenishment requirements, thus avoiding out-of-stocks or overstocks. You can also extend the life of your equipment, delaying costly investments in new equipment.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency

With a traceability solution, asset tracking becomes faster and more accurate, freeing up your teams' time to concentrate on higher value-added tasks. Automated inventory processes eliminates human error and speeds up data collection, enabling decision-making based on up-to-date, reliable information.

  • Compliance and risk management made much easier

You can rest assured that all asset information is recorded consistently and in accordance with applicable standards. This simplifies audits, reduces the risk of non-compliance, and allows for prompt action in the event of irregularities.

  • Optimization of maintenance management

Asset maintenance is another area where traceability software solutions add significant value. With the ability to manage and schedule preventive and corrective maintenance, you can avoid unforeseen breakdowns, extend the life of your assets, and ensure optimal operation of your equipment.

These benefits highlight that adopting a traceability system for your assets can lead to significant cost reductions and boost the operational efficiency of the company as a whole.

How do I choose the ideal asset tracking solution?

Choosing the right asset tracking solution depends on several factors, such as the specific goals of the business, the type of assets to be managed, and the resources available. It is advisable to carry out a thorough needs analysis and compare the features and costs of the different solutions before making a decision.

At Solid Solutions en Identification, we place flexibility, mutual esteem and customer satisfaction at the heart of our priorities. Our approach begins by listening carefully and assessing your specific requirements. We devote ourselves to developing the most appropriate solution, taking into account the particularities of your business to ensure optimal implementation. Our support is ongoing: we're with you every step of the way, from initial planning to full operationalization, and beyond, to ensure that our solutions fully meet your expectations.

Our asset tracking software solution, SolAsset, is an all-in-one digital solution for precise, real-time tracking of your equipment. Whether it's machinery, office furniture, works of art, healthcare equipment or IT hardware, our platform centralizes inventories, locations, movement histories, maintenance and more. Easy to use and secure, SolAsset adapts to your asset base, large or small, and can be customized to suit your needs.

Industries that are already using SolAsset

The Healthcare Sector: Optimized Medical Equipment Management

In the healthcare sectorwhere precision and responsiveness are vital, SolAsset has revolutionized medical equipment management. Hospital management and staff alike are delighted to have significantly reduced the time spent searching for equipment on a daily basis. Optimized equipment management results in reduced stress for hospital employees, with an immediate and positive impact on patient care.

The Luxury Industry: Precision and Safety

In the luxury goods industry, discretion and precision are paramount. SolAsset enables them to track high-value items with unrivalled precision, manage inventory more strategically and protect their goods against counterfeiting, reinforcing their brand image and reputation for excellence.

Success story of a company that has implemented an asset tracking solution

What you need to know

Asset tracking is essential for the optimal management of a company's resources.

  • RFID technology can reduce the time spent on asset inventories by a factor of 10, without the need for any infrastructure.
  • Bluetooth (BLE) technology provides real-time traceability and efficient asset management.
  • Asset tracking software solutions reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.
  • The cost of deploying a traceability system varies and should be evaluated based on specific needs.
  • Selecting the right solution requires a detailed analysis and comparison of the available options.
  • Several sectors, including healthcare and luxury, already benefit from asset tracking.
SolAsset Overview

SolAsset: Asset Tracking Solution

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