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Control parking at a glance

The advantages of using our solution



  • Several types of evidence capture
  • QR Code invoices
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Historical information

Secure SaaS solution

  • Consisting of an administrator portal and a mobile application
  • Secure hosting of your data

Availability of information

  • Information is available in real time
  • Street names according to GPS position
  • Interfacing with payment systems

Optimise control of your parking facilities

SolPark is a public road management solution dedicated to control authorities. Composed of a mobile application and a web portal, it allows you to optimise and automate the parking control of your municipalities as well as the administrative tasks related to it.

Ergonomic and easy touse, it avoids all types of formal defects and offers an intelligent selection of offences thanks to the insertion of theOrder Fines Ordinance (OFO) in our system. In addition,all issued offences go directly into the solution's system and allow a real-time view. In order to have a complete solution, interfacing with various parking payment systems is also available.

Parking and driving fines, denunciations, tracking and sending payments, SolParkincludes the essential elements of street management. In addition, it allows you todisplay street names according to the GPS position where you want to carry out checks, to easily capture evidence through automatic number plate recognition and photo taking and to insert all the relevant information, such as additional documents, for the proper processing of cases . In addition,a history of previous offences is also available .

Technologies used

1D/2D barcodes
Technology, traceability and digital transformation


This easy-to-use solution manages your fixed assets, their maintenance and depreciation, as well as the planning of technical interventions and regular inventories.

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