Transform your activities with active Bluetooth (BLE)

The main advantages of the technology



  • Real time location and inventory
  • Graphic representation on a map of your area
  • Interface and possible data exchange with your ERP

Reading distance

  • Fast and continuous reading up to 50m-60m
  • Elimination of manual entries

What is Bluetooth BLE technology?

A beacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon, just a few centimeters square, capable of sending radio waves at regular intervals up to several dozen meters. As with RFID, these radio waves transmit information that is picked up by other devices using Bluetooth connectivity. This technology is particularly well suited to asset tracking applications, with the aim of obtaining geolocation to within a few square meters of a predefined area (room, warehouse, campus, etc.).

A beacon is made up of several components: a battery, a microcontroller, an antenna, a radio module, sensors and, finally, a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier). As the frequency band used by Bluetooth technology is similar to that of WiFi, 2.4 GHz, the infrastructure to be considered for real-time real-time geolocation of its assets (products, stock, machines, etc.) is inexpensive and technically straightforward.

The complementarity between passive RFID and Bluetooth BLE opens up an almost unlimited field of possibilities within all industries in terms of traceability. Our Solid consultants are at your disposal to accompany you in your reflections and your future projects.

Use cases


One campus >> one hectar >> Precise location on a map of your stocks


One hospital >> 10,000 assets of value >> Precise location of each asset

bluetooth technology

To summarize


  • A battery
  • A radio module for data transmission
  • A microcontroller

Antennas & Readers 

  • Decode the information
  • Transmit data to local systems

Infrastructure and local application

  • Stores data from beacons
  • Manages local events
  • Converts raw data into business vision
  • Possible interface between our bluetooth middleware and your ERP

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