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Luxury is in every detail!

The traceability of components in production, real-time tracking of parts during events, inventory management and the fight against counterfeiting are subjects that have been mastered and used for many years.


Focus on the core of your business: health!

In order to face the modernization and the current challenges in the world of health care, Solid offers solutions for facility management, inventory management, equipment management and patient monitoring within your establishment.

Industrial & logistic services

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To optimise industrial flows and warehouses, Solid offers digital solutions directly linked to your ERP, concerning stock management, real-time traceability and inventories.

Pharma & Chemicals

Keeping up with innovations!

Due to its highly regulated nature, Solid offers digital facility management and sample management and tracking solutions.

Banks & Administrations

Our solutions support you in your digital transformation!

To meet the compliance requirements of this sector, Solid offers solutions for facility management, document and records management and fixed asset management.

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How can IoT technologies (RFID, BLE, 1D/2D codes) be used to improve operational efficiency? We've put together a detailed E-Book with 9 case studies from 4 different sectors. 

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